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What Are the Benefits of Online Counseling?

There are a lot of people that are waiting for “in person” counseling to start up before going in and getting the help they need. I get it. It feels more natural to be able to sit across from a therapist to discuss some personal stuff.

Plus, the thought of doing online counseling seems…awkward. You’ve got questions. Does it work? What if it is too complicated? Can I share my personal emotions over a computer screen?

These are valid questions. And you shouldn’t wait for things to open back up to find out the answers to them. There are tremendous benefits to getting started now on your journey to emotional and mental wellness. Online therapy can be a helpful tool.

Here are a few benefits to pursuing online counseling:

Benefit #1 to Online Counseling — Start to Build a Relationship with Therapist:

Why wait until things with Covid go away to get started in creating a relationship with a therapist? If you need help with anxiety, you could start getting comfortable with a therapist today. Same if you were looking for help with depression. Or if you and your spouse wanted some help through marriage counseling.

You won't only benefit through the online work you do by starting with your counselor now. Your relationship with the therapist will be established when you are able to meet "in person".

This is true if your teen is looking for counseling, as well. Developing a relationship between a teenager and counselor can often take a little time. Why not start that process now through teletherapy?

Benefit #2 to Online Counseling — Increased Privacy:

Mental health counselors go to great lengths to protect client confidentiality. But there are unpredictable possibilities. For example, you could always bump into someone you know in the waiting room. Or even walking into the building.

For some people, this possibility is no big deal. For others, however, they want to keep their therapy as private as possible.

Online counseling can help you keep the privacy of therapy within your own home. All you need is a quiet space in a room, a computer or tablet, and a strong internet signal. A therapist can then connect with you online and no one will know.

And you can ask a therapist what type of programs they use to secure privacy online. At Wellspace Counseling, we use a secure, HIPAA compliant portal for the entirety of our online counseling process.

Benefit #3 to Online Counseling — Increased Convenience:

Imagine that you are getting ready to leave for your “in-person” counseling session when your babysitter calls in sick. Online counseling makes it possible for you still get your therapy in.

Another matter of convenience with online therapy is that it saves you time in a commute. You won’t have to worry about trying to beat traffic to get your teen to their mental health counselor’s office after school. You can take an hour off during the day and not have to worry about the extra travel time. Again, you just need a computer, strong WiFi, and a quiet, private space to talk.

I’ve had clients that have done their online therapy sessions in their car. Their garage. Their closet. These aren't ideal scenarios, but it can be done. Plus, clients have used their desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones for virtual counseling.

Teletherapy can be incredibly convenient. There is a level of anxiety and stress that is lifted when using technology to meet with your counselor.

Benefit #4 to Online Counseling — See Any Therapist in Oregon:

This benefit is great. Imagine you live in Lake Oswego and are struggling to find a local counselor with availability. Online counseling affords you the opportunity to look outside of your immediate area to find a therapist with some openings. As long as that therapist is licensed in Oregon, you can see that person.

It doesn’t matter if you live in Tualatin, Portland, Beaverton, Seaside or Baker City. Our counselors at Wellspace Counseling are able to help you in your journey to emotional and mental wellness. You can reach your goals for anxiety, get help for your teen, or counseling for your marriage.

Benefit #5 to Online Counseling — Keep Therapist if You Move or Travel for Vacation in Oregon:

Finding a therapist is a lot of work. Let’s say you are in the middle of your work with a counselor and then you move to another city in Oregon for work. You don’t have to worry about looking for another mental health provider. You can keep the one you have thanks to online counseling.

The same is true if you are going on a trip. Imagine your family is taking a vacation to Newport, Lincoln City, Bend, or Sunriver. It is going to cause your teen teen to miss a therapy session, though. Online counseling enables your teenager to take an hour to see their counselor. Your child can continue to get tools to manage their anxiety or school stress.


Covid-19 has spurred the advancement in the capability and usability of online counseling. Therapists have improved in their therapeutic skill. And teletherapy has proven to be successful in helping people with their anxiety, stress, and depression. Online therapy has helped couples improve their communication skills through marriage counseling.

So, there really is only one question. Why wait? Start your journey to emotional and mental wellness today. Contact us today.


Jason Wilkinson is a mental health counselor and the owner of the private practice, Wellspace Counseling, located in Tualatin, Oregon. He helps teens, college students, young professionals, and couples find the emotional and mental wellness the desire in their lives and relationships. Wellspace Counseling offers online counseling to serve people throughout the state of Oregon.


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