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Five Reasons for Couples Counseling

Some people think that marriage or couples counseling are for marriages on the brink of divorce, or for couples who are constantly fighting. And while it is true that counseling can help relationships that are experiencing heavy conflict, couples counseling can also keep marriages and relationships from reaching that point. For couples who have been experiencing conflict, they might have benefited from counseling three years ago. It is always best to get ahead of possible pain points in a relationship. So, outside of helping with conflict, here are a few other reasons to explore or seek out couples counseling:

Reason #1 for Couples Counseling — To Set Your Relationship Up for Success:

You don’t have to be married or engaged to go to couples counseling. Maybe you’ve been dating for a little while, and you want to have a therapist help you discover the values you both share…or where you differ. Perhaps you’re interested in discovering where the rough patches are potentially hiding. Couples counseling can help you know what to expect out of the relationship and set you up for long-term success.

Reason #2 for Couples Counseling To Check in with Your Spouse:

There does not need to be a huge conflict present to decide to go to couples counseling. Like getting an oil change for your car, it could be helpful to do preventative maintenance in your relationship. Couples counseling can help you see what is going on under the surface, and strengthen what may already be a strong relationship.

Reason #3 for Couples Counseling Yes…To Help with a Conflict:

Okay, so I am going to include this one — but with a caveat. The conflict does not need to be something explosive, with lots of yelling or sleeping on couches. Conflict can often look like silence or withdrawing. In whatever way the conflict looks, couples counseling can help you work through the challenges of marriage or a relationship.

Reason #4 for Couples Counseling To Learn a New Cycle of Interaction:

This is when you feel like you are stuck in a rut. Every day of the marriage or relationship looks the same. Your interactions are the same. You need help to break out of the current cycle your relationship is in, and help you rediscover what makes it special and significant.

Reason #5 for Couples Counseling — You’re in a Relationship, But You Feel Alone:

It is common for couples to feel like they are alone in a marriage or relationship. Things were great when the relationship first started. But the interest slowly seemed to fade or disagreements appeared. Maybe the relationship between the two of you was taken for granted. In any case, when one person is feeling alone in a marriage or relationship, thereIn is a good chance that both members are feeling alone. Couples counseling can do wonders to help two individuals reconnect and see and hear one another.


Couples counseling can help you to lay some groundwork for your future together. Couples counseling can help you communicate clearly and interact with each other peacefully. It can help you feel seen and known by your spouse or partner. You do not need to be in a state of high conflict in to seek out couples counseling. In fact, couples counseling can help your relationship from ever getting to that place. It can help get your relationship running on all cylinders.


Wellspace Counseling is located in Tualatin, Oregon and serves the cities of Tualatin, Lake Oswego, Tigard and others in the Greater Portland Metro Area. To find more information about Wellspace Counseling visit at


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