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Seven Date Ideas in Tigard, Oregon That Don't Break the Bank

As a marriage & couple's counselor, I tend to believe that scheduling time with your partner or spouse is important for your relationship. Setting aside time to be together helps promote emotional intimacy in a relationship.

But that doesn't mean that you have to spend a large amount of money on dates or adventures together. What it does require is some intention, however.

So, whether you're celebrating an anniversary or just need a unique night out, Tigard, Oregon has plenty of affordable and interesting ideas for a night on the town. From romantic walks in nature to an iconic movie theater, this list has something for everyone looking for a meaningful date experience.

After all, being creative with your date nights can add to the excitement and joy in the relationship.

Dating Idea in Tigard #1 — Spend an Afternoon Shopping at Washington Square Mall:

A couple holds hands as they walk down a cobblestone path. This could represent the bonds cultivated with couples therapy in Portland, OR. Learn more about marriage counseling and couples therapy in Portland, OR today or search “online therapy in Tigard, OR” today.

For a more traditional date, Washington Square Mall in Tigard is the perfect place to spend an afternoon. With more than 150 stores featuring reasonably priced items, this mall has something for everyone's taste and budget. Plus, you’ll find plenty of restaurants located in or near the mall serving delicious meals at affordable prices.

Dating Idea in Tigard #2 — Drop in a Game of Ping Pong at the Paddle Palace:

If you and your date enjoy a little competition, then getting in a game of ping pong at the Paddle Palace might be the thing to do. Conveniently located on Main Street, it's possible to stop in for a game or two & then celebrate your victory by walking over to Bailey's Burger Shop or the Beach Hut Deli.

Dating Idea in Tigard #3 — Cruise Around the Riverplace Marina:

Okay…I know this isn’t technically located in Tigard. It's in Portland. But for an alternative and unique date, a romantic boat ride around the Riverplace Marina is a perfect option. This less-traveled marina offers incredible views and unbeatable sunsets that will take your breath away. Plus, you can rent a kayak or paddleboard to explore the area even more. Simply prepare a few light snacks, pop open some drinks, and enjoy the spectacular views!

Dating Idea in Tigard #4 — Sample Tigard’s Craft Beer Scene:

Tigard, Oregon is home to some unique microbreweries that offer a variety of craft beers. Gather your date and sample some local beers at places like Flyboy Brewery, Cooper Mountain Ale Works, or Tigard Taphouse. Many microbreweries have an outdoor or patio seating area where you can socialize without breaking the bank. Plus, most places offer beer flights - perfect for sharing with your date!

Dating Idea in Tigard #5 — Explore Nature at Cook Park, Dirksen Nature Park, or Bull Mountain Park:

A couple hold hands while walking down a path through the forest. A couples therapist in Portland, OR can offer support from anywhere in the state via online therapy in Tigard, OR. Learn more about couples therapy in Portland, OR today.

Tigard is home to several beautiful parks where couples can enjoy nature and spend time together. Take a stroll through Cook Park to explore gardens, picnic tables, and wetlands - many of which are perfect for taking romantic photos. Dirksen Nature Park and Bull Mountain Park offer couples the chance to appreciate more local wildlife while also having access to easy walking trails. These parks offer affordable free access, so you won't need to worry about breaking your budget or breaking much of a sweat while holding hands on an evening stroll.

Dating Idea in Tigard #6 — Watch a Movie at Joy Cinema:

If you are interested in taking in a movie, Joy Cinema will provide you with a viewing experience from a theater with a retro feel. It is a small movie theater that provides showings of cinema classics, as well as contemporary movies. The snack bar offers a variety of snacks & foods, as well as beer, cider, and wine. And if you would rather take in a movie at home but have a hankering for traditional theater popcorn, you can buy popcorn to go!

Dating Idea in Tigard #7 — Visit the Walker Stadium Concert Series

Another option that is not technically in Tigard, but for music lovers looking for an affordable date night, the Walker Stadium Concert Series is a great option. The stadium hosts a variety of bands from rock to reggae and features local food vendors, giving you an authentic Tigard experience without breaking the bank. Along with great tunes, you and your date can enjoy gorgeous views of the nearby Willamette Valley and the Pacific Northwest.

A couple hold hands while walking down a path through the forest. A couples therapist in Portland, OR can offer support from anywhere in the state via online therapy in Tigard, OR. Learn more about couples therapy in Portland, OR today.

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