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What Causes Burnout for Professionals?

There are a whole lot of stressed-out professional employees throughout Tualatin, Lake Oswego, and Portland at this point in history. And it makes sense why. I mean, it has been a long period of CoVid-19 isolation.

And while it is possible to build up resiliency at work, it is helpful to understand why burnout is such a real issue and what the causes for burnout are.

Reason #1 That Professionals Burn Out at Work — You Feel Powerless at Work:

Burnout occurs when people show up to work to do a job, but do not feel that they are empowered to do that job.

When there is a sense that you do not have control over your role — or a say in how to complete a project or process — you may start to feel a level of frustration. This frustration will eventually lead to anger or hopelessness.

And you’ll eventually just start going through the motions. Or bringing your anger and frustration home with you.

And that will lead to professionals burning out.

Professionals are experienced and educated. They want to use the skills and talents that they have gained. When they as though that cannot happen, they will burnout.

Reason #2 That Professionals Burn Out at Work — Don’t Know What You’re Are Doing There:

Everyone likes to have purpose in their work. It is motivating.

But when a professional employee begins to feel a lack of clarity around job responsibilities, they will start to question what the purpose of their job is. And hope will be lost.

Professional employees also burn out when organizations do not provide a clear process for improvement.

Professionals want to improve. And if they are not receiving the feedback to do that, they will start to lose hope.

The process to earn promotions are important. And providing clear process keep employees from burnout.

Reason #3 That Professionals Burn Out at Work — Work/Life Imbalance:

People are working really hard. And a lot of people now are bringing work home.

And a lot of people are working from home. There's a lack of boundaries around when it is time to work, and when it is time to power down.

It is important to create work from home boundaries and rituals. And it is important to take your vacations.

Reason #4 That Professionals Burn Out at Work — Stressful Work Relationships:

People are navigating stressful work relationships right now. Whether it's with other coworkers. Or a supervisor.

But there is added stress and anxiety of advocating for self during these times of uncertain childcare. Or the work from home versus work from office standards. And much more.

And it is taking a toll on general happiness and satisfaction in the workplace. And that dissatisfaction will lead to burnout.


At this point, people are exhausted. And frustrated. And burning out at work.

And it makes sense why.

If you are feeling on the edge of burning out at your job, consider looking for some therapy to help you navigate those professional stresses.


Jason Wilkinson is a Marriage Family Therapist Associate in the state of Oregon, and owner of Wellspace Counseling located in Tualatin. Wellspace Counseling helps professionals in Tualatin, Lake Oswego, and Portland to improve self-confidence, communication, and working relationships. Wellspace Counseling is able to provide services throughout the state of Oregon through online therapy.

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