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Two Years in Business: Celebrate!

Wellspace Counseling opened its doors in Tualatin, Oregon on July 1, 2020.

No better time to launch out into your own business like in the middle of a pandemic, right?

Yeah, it probably wasn’t the ideal time to figure out what it looks like to be a business owner.

But I am now two full years into the start of this private practice and recently completed moving the practice to a new location in Tigard. And as I sit here at a local coffee shop having a mini celebration of everything accomplished, I am reflecting on what I have learned thus far from the experience.

And while there are many lessons that come to mind, the one that is consistently lurking is the one I am currently doing.


So, I started typing down a few thoughts on why it is beneficial to spend time participating in the discipline of celebration.

Celebrate to Reflect:

There is such a desire for many to continue to grow and improve in our society. There is always a new mountain to climb. Academically. In a career. Relationally.

The desire for constant improvement never allows us the opportunity to celebrate the growth that has already taken place. The goals that have been conquered.

Celebration helps us to mark or commemorate the things that we have accomplished. A person can reflect on the strength, determination, resilience, and other personal characteristics that helped them to accomplish the goals or tasks.

A person can also reflect on and practice thankfulness for those who have been present and supportive along the way.

Celebrate to Enjoy:

The desire for constant improvement also disallows the opportunity to be settled or present in our current state. A person that is hyper focused on self-improvement will usually find it difficult to practice contentment.

Imagine how it would feel to not be actively dwelling on the next task to accomplish.

To pause the expectations.

To breath.

Taking time to intentionally celebrate opens the internal space to take in the present moment. To let joy in.

Celebration can be a practice in mindfulness. And mindfulness is a key in emotional regulation.

Celebrate Big & Small:

It is easy to think of and celebrate the big things. Graduations. Anniversaries. Birthdays. Holidays. These are all celebrations that mark the time.

It is far less likely to celebrate the smaller accomplishments. That does not mean that these accomplishments are important to recognize, though.

The small victories help build up to the larger ones. For example, a graduation does not happen without the passing of many tests. A marriage does not last 20 years without some success how to manage all the conflict in communication that comes along.

Being on the lookout for small wins or victories helps us to remain motivated in between the large celebrations. And it releases a nice little bit of dopamine in the brain, too.


Wellspace Counseling Can Help You Discover Reasons to Celebrate

You may be having a tough time finding reasons to celebrate. Having a career or marriage/relationship can be a cause for stress, anxiety, and depression. Wellspace Counseling provides therapy for career-minded individuals and couples to help them rediscover the joys of life and relationships.

Wellspace Counseling in Tigard, Oregon can provide therapy to individuals and couples in Tigard, Tualatin, Lake Oswego, and Portland. Online therapy can also be used for those who live in other areas throughout the state of Oregon.

Schedule your free phone consultation with Jason Wilkinson to start your journey to mental and emotional wellness.


Learning to improve self-confidence is not the only benefit to receiving therapy at Wellspace Counseling in Tigard, Lake Oswego and throughout Portland, Oregon. Some other services you might be interested in include:


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