You Can Find the Freedom to Live a Better Life.
From Anxiety. From Depression. In Your Relationship.



Due to COVID-19, all therapy sessions currently conducted online (Telehealth).



Are you tired of feeling anxious about work? Or school? Or just life in general? Does thinking about the day bring tightness to your chest and shortness of breath. Things just don’t feel right and you are feeling "off." You feel alone and don't understand why you are dealing with these things when others don't seem to be. You’re tired of looking for counselors and want to find freedom from what is weighing on your shoulders. You can start that journey towards freedom now.


Relationships are hard. Couples can end up in constant conflict, struggling to understand one another, or sometimes just feel out of sync in their communication. You love your spouse, but you both crave more out of the relationship. Having a third person can help guide you through the conversations that will propel your relationship on to that next level of unity and partnership. You can find the peace and hope you are looking for in your relationship. Why wait? Start that journey now.


Do you need to talk or process through some challenges you are facing, but have a challenging time making it into the counseling office? Between work and home life, your schedule is packed, but you really want to work on self-improvement. You need someone to talk with. No problem. We can schedule a time meet online for counseling. You can start the journey to emotional freedom, while saving a little freedom in time, as well.



Individuals, Couples & Family Therapist

Registered Intern under the supervision of Dr. Tara Sanderson & Dr. Michelle Engblom-Deglmann.


I believe human beings have a tremendous capacity to discover their own sense of healing and wholeness, but everyone can benefit from a having a person walk alongside them to listen, encourage, and guide.



Accepting New Clients
for Telehealth Counseling

Tuesday & Wednesday: 11am - 8pm
Thursday & Friday - 10am - 5pm



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