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Behaviors of the Employee with Low Self-Confidence

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Most jobs require at least some interaction with other people. And how a person interacts with others will often impact their success in the job.

An employee who carries with them a low value of self-confidence will often consciously or unconsciously behave in a way that hides their personality. It can hide their passion for the job or career.

Or it can produce a lack of work boundaries that can cause burnout for a professional.

Here are some of the behaviors to be self-aware of that may hint at being an employee with low self-confidence.

Behavior #1 — Say “Yes” When You Want to Say “No”:

Have you ever had someone ask you to fulfill a project at work that you are not interested in? Or the friend who often will ask you to show up to an event that you don’t want to go to?

There is a pit in your stomach. You don’t want to go. Maybe you’ve got a million things already on your plate. Or you had you had your heart set on staying home and watching a movie.

Everything in your body is telling you to decline the request. But for some unexplainable reason the words out of your mouth sounds a lot like “Yes.”

Now, we all have to sacrifice our own wants and desires for others from time to time. And you care about other people.

That’s great.

And, if you are getting worn out because you have a problem saying “No,” then it is worth asking “Why?”

A person with a low of self-confidence will often view themselves as selfish for disappointing others. Or are concerned about consequences for what might happen if they don’t agree to fulfill the request.

Rarely do employees of low self-confidence ever concern themselves with what they have to sacrifice and whether it is worth it.

Behavior #2 — Do Things to Fit In:

The thought of not fitting in with a group of people is uncomfortable. But it is nearly unbearable for the person with a low view of self-confidence.

A person who does not feel worthy will do nearly anything to not be left out. It is a main source of anxiety and embarrassment. And there can be some heavy negative self-talk of “not good enough.”

Behavior #3 — Say “Sorry”:

There are people who uncontrollably apologize for everything. For big mistakes. For small mistakes. And often when they haven’t made a mistake at all.

A person with low self-worth will say “sorry” even in circumstances where another is coming to apologize to them.

It’s not a bad thing to apologize when you’ve got something to apologize for. But there are times when apologizing for reasons reveals that a person is trying to appease or please others when it is not necessary.

Behavior #4 — Need Validation Before Deciding:

This is different from building a consensus with people that you are working with. Or wanting to agree with your spouse before a decision is made.

A person with lacking self-confidence will often avoid making decisions all together. They will do whatever they can to have another person make the decision. In doing so, they can avoid conflict. But there is a feeling of paralysis when that is not possible.

Behavior #5 — Fear of Disagreement:

Again, a person with a low view of self will often do whatever they can to keep people happy and satisfied. In fact, they often find their value in being able to do just that.

And disagreement is the opposite of keeping others satisfied.

So, rather than potentially rupture a relationship, a person with a decreased view of self will do what they can to keep the status quo.


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